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Our vision:

A society with skilled, industrialized and resourceful rural women and youth improving their livelihoods through social enterprise.

Our mission:

Improve and strengthen rural women and youth economy by involving them in cotton value chain to provide quality handwoven apparels for sale both local and international. Pendeza is championing poverty reduction through social enterprise, mentoring the poor rural communities to move from Aid to trade for sustainable development


Pendeza weaving project was founded in 1980 with special support from the British Government. The think tank behind Pendeza Weaving Project, Mr. William Okello founded the Enterprise at the age of 25 years after attending Technical Training on hand weaving, spinning and dye in 1977 -1979.

Our birth as a community hand weaving and spinning group supporting poor young people (men and women) to fight poverty, create employment and self-reliance was ushered by the British High Commission in Kenya in 1980. For 36 years, we are still focused in championing hand weaving and spinning as tool communities can use in fighting Poverty and improving household income.

Our Journey of 1000 miles started with one step in 1980 when a young entrepreneur by the name William Okello thought of starting handweaving and spinning project after a three years training (1977 -1979). At the age of 25 years. William Okello made a commitment to be self-employed and also help other young men and women living in abject poverty to be like him.

His passion to see his life transformed was boosted by a donation from British High Commission in Nairobi Kenya. The Envoy donated 1 handloom, 4 spinning and 1drum carder. After 36 years William Okello has developed Pendeza to be where it is today with the help of other community members dedicated to see their communities being transformed.



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